Hello 2016! 

I spent a lovely New year surrounded by fantastic friends and family and I felt truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  I love the idea of New Year – the opportunity to reflect on the year which has passed and a time to look forward with a clear head to what lies ahead in the new year.  Most years I would write my own New Years Resolutions  and they would be well thought out and full of good intention , so,where along the lines of : eat more healthy, join the gym, read more books ….. I am sure we have all been there! I am sure that if you looked back they would be much the same each year – often trying to break bad habits or forge new routines.  I am not surprised they were largely unsuccessful – they were often things I felt I should do rather than ones I wanted to – you can see the problem – it was never going to work – at least not for any sustainable length of time.  

This year I haven’t made a list.  Looking back my new year started in October as it was then that I made a lot of changes in my life which have had such a positive effect.  I made the decision at that point that I was ready for change, I felt positive and determined that it was time to take stock and regroup myself and move forwards. 

While new year is an obvious time to do this, it doesn’t have to be.  Every week and every day offers a fresh start if you decide you want to.  2015 – was a roller coaster year for me -it had highs and it had more than its fair share of lows but I survived – I more than survived, I am standing stronger at the end of it and feeling grateful and blessed for all the good things in my life.  

So I plan to start 2016 the way I ended 2015 – I cannot predict or control all that will happen in the next 12 months – life is unpredictable and who knows what is just around the corner .   what I can do however, is take each day and week at a time and ask myself what is important to me in that moment.  

And at this moment ? Well I seen this and really liked it : it pretty much captures all the things  that make me smile everyday – and do I want more of them . You bet!